We are not planning another breeding until late 2020 at the earliest, possibly not until 2021 or later. If you are looking for a Doberman puppy please go to the DPCA.org website and they have a breeder referral page to search by state DPCA member breeders near you. http://dpca.org/BreedRef/index.php

How to get a puppy from Prima Dobermans:

STEP ONE: Complete all your research on the breed and us as breeders.
STEP TWO: Fill out our puppy application. (Request one by email)
STEP THREE: We will send our puppy contract for your reviewal (anyone can request to read it at anytime) and schedule a phone call to get to know one another and ask any remaining questions.
STEP FOUR: Pending mutual approval you will be added to our puppy waitlist. Our wait list is divided in two sections: waiting for MALE puppy and waiting for FEMALE puppy (you may be added to both if you are open to either gender). Our wait list receives group email updates on litters, puppies, and planning information. When it is time to reserve puppies from the litter, approved owners on the wait list will be offered first availability.


Thank you for your interest in our puppies! To apply, you must meet ALL the qualifications below:

  1. COMPLETED RESEARCH You must have done your research on the breed being familiar with the Doberman breed’s temperament, training/exercise/attention needs, general costs to acquire and care for a Doberman of your own, grooming needs, health concerns, size, potential breed restrictive insurance/HOA/housing, and read the AKC Doberman standard (found HERE). If you’re still in your research stage, do not fill out an application until you have completed your research and are well informed and prepared for this breed longterm. This website has a lot of information and please feel free to reach out to me with questions.

  2. TIMEFRAME You can see our planned litters and when they will be ready for their new homes HERE . You must be logistically and financially ready to welcome a puppy in that time frame. If you don’t anticipate being ready for the litter(s) there, do not fill out an application. (You’re welcome to contact me and establish rapport or ask questions any time though!)

  3. LOCATION Located in the US or Canada (sorry but we no longer export).

  4. DOBERMAN APPROVED HOME Must own your own home OR provide written proof and landlord contact that a Doberman is allowed on your property. Home ownership or rental approval will be verified.

  5. FENCED YARD Must have a private fenced yard (a physical real fence, not an invisible fence). If you live on acreage/land in a rural area without fencing we will consider that.

  6. CROP, DOCK, EAR TAPING We crop and dock our puppies before they leave our home, no exceptions. You must tape the ears according to our guidance until 8mos age possibly longer to ensure they are standing and in good shape according to our preference and approval.

  7. PUPPY MATCHING PROCESS We match puppies to approved owners on our waiting list based on best fit, it is not first come first serve. Our puppies will be evaluated for temperament, observed and interacted with every day in our home, evaluated physically for structural soundness, and designated as either a pet/companion puppy or a show/working prospect. This process helps us match the puppy with the right attributes and qualities for your lifestyle and specified needs/interests. You must understand and agree that this process takes time to evaluate and place our puppies, we will discuss with you on best fit puppies, but we will not have prospective owners choose puppies based on pictures or any method other than our educated recommendation.

  8. PET PUPPIES AND SHOW PUPPIES Based on those evaluations puppies will be designated to either a PET/COMPANION home or a SHOW/WORKING home.

    Pet/companion puppies will come with AKC limited registration. This means they are a purebred Doberman registered with the AKC and able to participate in any sport or performance competition with the exception of conformation showing (since that is for evaluating breeding stock) and the AKC will not register or recognize any offspring. They may NOT participate in conformation showing and they may not ever be bred. Pet/companion puppies may be spay/neutered no earlier than 2yrs old, for health purposes, no exceptions. Accidental or unauthorized breeding will result in serious consequences and possible breeder repossession of the dog.

    Show/Working prospect puppies will be co owned by the breeder with AKC full registration, they will be on contract to fulfill basic titling, breeding may be permitted with breeder approval provided the dog and prospective mate meet the defined criteria in the mutually agreeable puppy contract. Show/working prospect puppies must remain intact (not spay or neutered) indefinitely. Accidental or unauthorized breeding will result in serious consequences and possible breeder repossession of the dog.

  9. COMMUNICATION Must be able to correspond promptly via email and phone for updates on the puppies. Must initiate regular communication after you receive your puppy, including sending us photos at least once a year for the lifetime of the dog.