If you are interested in a puppy of ours, filling out this application is a MUST. We realize it may be time consuming but we are very careful when placing our puppies and want to ensure the best fit. Just fill out here and click submit. 

PLEASE BE AWARE - we are receiving puppy applications at a rate we cannot keep up with replying to. Our wait time for a puppy may be 6mos to 2-3yrs depending when we have a breeding, how many puppies are born, and which puppies match to the prospective owners on our waiting list. Some years we may have no litters, some years 1 or 2 litters.I have no way to predict how many or what kind of puppies will be born when we do have a litter, so I have no way of predicting where you may fit in the timeline. Please only send a puppy application to us if you are serious and ready for a puppy and are okay with waiting for the right match. If you do not hear from me within a week or two of sending your app, please keep reaching out so that my attention can be drawn to your application.

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our application! Please continue to reach out to me if you do not hear back within a week or two.