PRIMA : indicating the most important performer or role; "the leading man," "prima ballerina," "prima donna," "a star figure skater," "the starring role," "a stellar role," "a stellar performance." 

Prima Dobermans raises quality AKC Doberman Pinschers bred with emphasis toward conformation (meaning structure, form, appearance, and movement), protection instinct, love & affection, sound temperament, and health & longevity.  

We are active in the dog community and participate/have titles in showing conformation, competitive obedience, agility, IPO, and service/therapy work. All of our dogs have champion/working titled pedigrees and are titled or working on a title. All of our dogs are fully health tested and updated annually.

From time to time we may have a select litter planned and puppies may be available. They are typically spoken for in advance and we interview the candidates for our puppies before placing them. We have a lifetime commitment to our puppies and owners.

Most of all, we want to share all there is to know about these dogs and strive for the ultimate vision for the breed. Please browse through, each tab has a lot of information below it to consider. 

We do not condone or support the breeding of the "white"/Albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation.

02/12/19: We do not have any available puppies and will not plan another breeding until late 2020 at the earliest, possibly not until 2021 or later. If you are looking for a Doberman puppy please go to the DPCA.org website and they have a breeder referral page to search by state DPCA member breeders near you. http://dpca.org/BreedRef/index.php

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Hello, our names are Shayna & Danny. We are a young, married couple with a few Dober-kids. They go everywhere with us! They return this devotion by lovingly protecting and humoring us constantly with their happy personalities. They live to be near and please us! 

Myself, Shayna, mainly runs the PRIMA program of showing/competition/occasional breeding. I work from home as a professional photographer (www.PrimaPhotographics.com) and promoting our store "PRIMA Canine Couture." Danny, my husband, is in his 3rd year of dental school to soon be a dentist.

Other than our dogs and dog shows and dog events and dog everything.. we enjoy photography, gourmet cooking and dining, camping/hiking/great outdoors, fitness, travel, and swimming. You can bet our pups are right along with us in all these activities!



RIP Blue, we will miss you forever.

RIP Blue, we will miss you forever.

Ever since a little girl, I was in love with dogs. My childhood dog Blue was my closest friend and biggest support. She was everything a kid and family could hope for in a dog. We were inseparable and she meant everything to me. ...A week before my wedding, Blue, 14 going on 15yrs old, was diagnosed with colon cancer. She couldn't hang on much longer and in the middle of our honeymoon my heart was split in pieces as we went home to say goodbye to her. 

I spiraled into a depression and cried daily for my dearest friend. My health took a turn for the worst at that point and my husband knew I needed something to revive my Spirits. He didn't exactly share my passion for dogs since he never had one, or a pet at all, but he knew it would mean a lot to me so we began to discuss getting our first dog together. 

My expectations were high from Blue's legacy. We needed a dog that would grow up nicely with children, train easily, and mostly be a loving protective companion. I just could not have another border collie yet, but had developed an interest and passion in Doberman Pinschers since 12yrs old. There was some convincing I had to do to get Danny over the "breed stigma." 

Eventually we got her, our first dog together and my first Doberman. Right away I was impressed and felt that this was going to be more than just your basic pet ownership. We joked that she was so kind and sweet that nothing could ever provoke her to harm someone else, even in defense. Even though the breed is supposed to protect when necessary, I wasn't so sure if she would or would even notice. She was a happy, smart, and at times a little naughty yet typical "puppy."

Two specific occasions even before she was 8mos old proved us wrong. One time at Yellowstone park on vacation, a "creepy" stranger I couldn't get away from was asking me lots of personal questions like where do I live and also asked is my dog friendly etc. I barely started to feel uncomfortable about it and as he tried to come closer to me, she got in-between and for the first time let out a low and deep growl saying, "you will never get near her.." 

The second time was alone in my own driveway, the streetlight had gone out and I was in the dark fumbling with my groceries. A truck of 5-7 drunk men pulled in behind me and I turned around hearing them approaching with "cat calls." Before I could even think, she had somehow broke out of the car pushing open the seat and door and was again in extreme defense mode in-between us saying "GET AWAY.." They were surprised and obviously scared to see a Doberman so they jumped in their truck and hastily drove off. Even when I got in the house she never left my side and continued to pace the door huffing and sniffing.

We had never experienced a love so sincere, loyal, and "in tune," as the Doberman breed. Obedient, athletic, and could be counted on, not to mention so regal and breathtakingly beautiful. 

However.. Still in the thick of the worst time of my health, I struggled being sick every day and having something to work toward and look forward to. Thank goodness for my husband and for our dog. I had lots of time at home and started looking at breed sports and competitions to start as a hobby. I grew up showing horses and a couple occasions we bred and trained and showed our own foals. I wanted to get involved with dogs on that level and had a great dog to start with. 

The rest is history as they say.. I intently began my research on pedigrees/genetics and other successful breeders, sought out my own reputable breed mentor, got involved in AKC clubs and events, started competing and testing, connected with experienced knowledgable breed fanciers to also guide me, and started our journey toward creating and enjoying the vision of the ultimate Doberman Pinscher. 

I didn't know that it would turn into my greatest passion when I started, but it did. I have a solid understanding and interest in genetics and inheritance, know how to train and evaluate and work with animals, and my strongest personal trait is my desire for over the top excellence in anything I do. And I absolutely love dogs. It is a passion that consumes me and I have afforded better health in recent years. Whenever I am sick, my dogs are here for me and I have something to live and strive for and enjoy enough to keep going. Every day I am thankful to this breed and that I get to pursue my passions.



These are our core values and what PRIMA stands for:

1. Passion
2. Quality
3. Family First & PRIMA Family
4. Real Relationships or "Pathos"
5. Health Testing
6. Crop & Dock
7. Open Minded & New Information
8. Optimism
9. Better the Breed - Best interest of the dogs/breed
10. Just Love Dogs
11. Beauty, Brains, & Bravery
12. Nature vs Nurture
13. Ethics, Honesty, & Integrity
14. Sportsmanship
15. Faith

1. Passion. I have an undeviating persistence of passion and ambition toward anything I set my feet forward in. My husband calls it “hyper focus.” If you don’t absolutely love it, why do it?

2. Quality trumps quantity, convenience, and lowest price. There is a good, better and best to most things - never settle for less than the best you can get or the best you can be.

3. In every way our program is family first. Our dogs are family and raised as family in the home, not out in kennels or cages. Our buyers become family and we stay connected. There is a sense of unity amongst our PRIMA family - we have laughed, lived, learned, and lamented over our beloved dobes together.

4. Pathos is a Latin word having to do with the power of emotional experiences. I believe this is what the Doberman is all about, powerful emotional connectivity. Whether it is the chilling tingle watching a gorgeous dog in the ring or at full run, listening to someone's heartfelt story of their best dog, or the miraculous birth and development of our precious puppies - I seek these meaningful interactions.

5. To us, health testing is a “no brainer.” We want to do everything we can to increase lifespan and improve quality of life. Breeding without health testing is breeding blind. (click HERE for specifics)

6. We fully support cropping & docking when done ethically by a skilled professional and with proper after care and follow up. We arrange this for you for our puppies. It is at the heart of what we believe is best for our breed. (click HERE for article)

7. I strive to continually gather as much education and information as I can and to share it. Where do I get my information? From seminars, show venues, dog clubs, veterinarians, canine experts, professional literature, learning in experience and from reputable mentors. I expect myself, and anyone I take the time to work with, to be open-minded too. We can never be complacent with what we know.

8. The glass is always half full! I strive for a positive optimistic attitude. There is always room for constructive criticism or in cases to agree to disagree. But ultimately, just like a smile - positivity is contagious. :)

9. To better the breed is to put the best interest of the breed as a whole at the forefront of every breeding decision. Breeding for financial gain, a fun experience, because you want a puppy to remember your dog by, etc are not acceptable reasons and do not better the breed. Breedings need to be equally coupled with a commitment to educate and support the puppies and buyers.

10. Downright just LOVE DOGS. Period. Doesn't take show ribbons, a big name pedigree, or even a pedigree at all for a true dog lover to just love dogs. This is the heart of all of what we do anyway right? That said, because we love them so much, let's do our part to be more educated, responsible, and committed breeders and buyers.

11. Beauty, brains, and bravery. To me, the total Doberman Pinscher is one that excels in all areas having gorgeous and functional stature (BEAUTY), intelligent trainability (BRAINS), and the courage and instinct to actually defend and protect if ever necessary (BRAVERY). I count on my dogs as a protection and security measure to us and our home – this is the ONLY breed originally bred FOR protection.

12. Breeding is the combination of science and art. Nature versus nurture comes into play, both do contribute but one may trump the other depending on the gene and on the experience. It's not "all in how you raise them" and it's not entirely "they are what they are.” For optimal outcome take the best genetics and give it the best experiences.

13. Ethics, honesty and integrity. Without those core values, I have nothing to go on. If a person compromises in one aspect, what's to say or to stop them from doing it in another? While many aspects of raising and breeding dogs there are multiple opinions and more than one right way, some things there is just a right and a wrong and no amount of justifying will change it.

14. Hasn’t someone told you, “if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say it at all?” And referring mostly about competition, one of our trainer's favorite sayings, "you win some you lose some, if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen." Sportsmanship has been engrained in me since as a kid. Please don’t make it uncomfortable by bad mouthing others for the sake of bad mouthing someone. It can suck you in and make you a bitter person. Let's just leave the politics out. There is a difference between that and healthy constructive criticism.

15. Faith. What some people may attribute as gut feeling, coincidence, or the universe - I know it to be the hand of God. You don't have to be religious to get along with me- I respect all religions and non-religions. But I do pray for my animals, pray for my owner families, and overall seek guidance from the ultimate creator. I rarely talk about this and won't be shoving it down anyone's throat, but I wouldn't be true to myself if I did not mention how much this value means to me and is a very real part of my life. *Please note: Sundays at our house are for family time and church.