What do you feed your dogs?!

Everybody always asks me, "What do you feed your dogs?! They look so good!"

I am a distributor for Life's Abundance, we feed their food and use their pet products! (*currently feeding Life's Abundance, All Life Stages dog food)

I got involved with Life's Abundance (I will refer to as LA) because after years of research and trial and error, I was not satisfied with the dog food I was feeding at the time. We had tried many of the top rated high quality brands and found they just did not mesh well with our dogs. This was evident with each new bag of food resulting in either poor body condition, loose stools, excessive gas, and/or dull flaky dry coats. The best results I could get were with Pro Plan Sport but I never felt good about the byproduct on the label or the high amount of corn. 

A fellow Doberman breeder had been raving about the food she feeds her dogs and it got me curious. The food hit all my criteria and then some:

  • Ideal protein to fat ratio and macros (important for Dobermans)

  • Ideal phosphorous to calcium ration (critical in growing puppies/dogs)

  • No byproduct only high quality protein

  • Quality digestible whole grains

  • No corn, wheat, or corn/wheat glutens

  • No artificial flavors or colors

  • Added probiotic and prebiotic fiber (supports healthy digestive and immune system = good poops!)

  • Guaranteed taurine, omega 3, omega 6, and other vitamins (definitely check out recent FDA investigation on high DCM disease in canines linked with grain free taurine deficient foods, LA is on top of that with the added Taurine and healthy grains!)

  • Food is delivered fresh to your door since it's made in small batches by a family operated USDA APHIS approved facility

  • Holistically formulated by the renowned veterinary expert Dr. Jane Bicks

  • No recalls ever (compared to over 1,100 safety dog food recalls in other brands since 2005)

So with all of that I really wanted to give it a try. Taking a look cost wise I had to realize that my dogs would be eating less quantity per serving of the LA food (while still staying full, but less poop win win!). I calculated that my current food at the time was 74 cents a pound and only delivered on 1-2 of those benefits listed above, while the LA food has ALL OF THAT and would only be around 62 cents a pound. And they'd be eating less. No brainer.

Since starting this food we've been thrilled with how much our dogs love it, less poops, coat shine, great body condition, feeding less, peace of mind with the quality of their nutrition and more. The shipping is fast and customer service unparalleled. So we became distributors! Life's Abundance also has a 30 day money back guarantee so if for some reason you don't love it, you can get 100% refunded.

How much/when to feed

I recommend feeding a Doberman two meals a day. For a young puppy you may feed three times a day (add a lunch). By the time the puppy is 12-16 weeks you can discontinue that and go to two meals a day. Do not free feed (leave food out for them to help themselves) and do not bulk into one meal for a Doberman. They are at risk for bloat, and allowing that type of feeding schedule increases the risk as well as making it difficult to determine how much an individual dog is eating.

The quantity you feed will depend on the age, weight/phsyical condition, and activity level of your Dobe as well as the type of food you are feeding. Generally on the back of the bag of whatever food you feed it will say the recommended amount per the dog's bodyweight in pounds. You can adjust this to their needs/appetite.

On a Doberman you should see the waist area tuck up and slenderize. They should be narrower in the gut area but of course not emaciated! The last two ribs should be visible when playing, running, or panting. If more than that shows, feed more/supplement more. If there is a fat layer around the ribs and excess weight, you can feed less and/or substitute part of the evening meal for green beans, lighten the calories in their treats/training snacks, and exercise more. Life's Abundance also makes a weight loss formula that may be beneficial for your dog. When you first get your puppy, ask the breeder how much they are feeding the pup. New home transitions may cause the puppy to temporarily lose appetite in new surrounding, but they should be hungry soon and eating as normal. 

If you are transitioning foods it is always recommended to do it gradually by mixing the new food in.

food/water bowls

Stainless Steel Dishes

  • Only use stainless steel for your food and water dishes because other materials such as plastic or ceramic harbor bacteria and cause puppy or chin acne.



Slow Feed Bowl

Water/Food Mat

nutritional supplements

Fish Oil  

I add these fish oil capsules to my dogs food (just drop the capsule in their bowl with the food), 1 capsule in AM meal and 1 capsule in PM meal. Benefits of giving fish oil:

  • Increased inflammation and the immune response, blood clotting, and cell growth

  • Anti-inflammatory in conditions like allergies, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases

  • Improves skin and coat health, joint health, and energy

  • Aids in cognitive development in puppies and may improve cognitive function in older dogs

-Dechra Snip Caps Fish Oil


After considerable research and trial/error we have found the most success with a special vitamin called NuVet. It is safe for all ages, cold pressed so as not to destroy any nutrients from heat, and made in a facility that is FDA human grade. I trust this vitamin for my own dogs and send all my puppies home with samples of it (3 tablets) and advise they continue. This vitamin has optimum levels of calcium and other minerals that really support and aid the ear cartilage to heal and harden quicker than average. The calcium in the vitamin is actually sourced from crushed oyster shells. Prior to using this vitamin my puppies were requiring approx 6-8mos of ear posting time, and now in puppies that stay on the vitamin they are at 3-4mos of ear posting time. This vitamin also does a lot more than help with ears you can read all about it on their website if interested (huge benefits to their immature developing immune systems). 

-Ordering info is: or call 1-800-474-7044with order code 42109 (The Nuvet Plus canine wafers) 

Life's abundance supplements

They have an Agility Formula, Skin & Coat Formula, Wellness Food Supplement, and Omega 3 fish oil for pets! Check out their awesome line of supplements.

-Life's Abundance 


  • Life's Abundance Treats (our dogs are absolutely crazy for all their treats but especially the Porky Puffs and the Turkey and Berry Chewies which are the perfect training treat as well)

  • Top Chews Chicken Apple Sausages

  • Nudges Steak

  • Nudges Roasted Duck

  • carrots

  • snap peas

  • string cheese

  • plain jerky

  • hot dogs/deli meat (good quality, not the cheap stuff)

  • minimal bit of peanut butter

  • minimal amount of freeze dried meat

  • plain cooked chicken breast (or liver, beef, etc)

fresh water

Keep fresh water available at all times. Water consumption may need to be restricted at evening hours for puppy in potty training. 

do not feed - poisonous!!

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Apple seeds

  • Apricot pits

  • Avocados

  • Cherry pits

  • Candy (particularly chocolate—which is toxic to dogs, cats, and ferrets—and any candy containing the toxic sweetener Xylitol)

  • Coffee (grounds, beans, and chocolate-covered espresso beans)

  • Garlic

  • Grapes

  • Gum (can cause blockages and sugar free gums may contain the toxic sweetener Xylitol)

  • Hops (used in home beer brewing)

  • Macadamia nuts

  • Moldy foods

  • Mushroom plants

  • Mustard seeds

  • Onions and onion powder

  • Peach pits

  • Potato leaves and stems (green parts)

  • Raisins

  • Rhubarb leaves

  • Salt

  • Tea (because it contains caffeine)

  • Tomato leaves and stems (green parts)

  • Walnuts

  • Xylitol (artificial sweetener that is toxic to pets)

  • Yeast dough