Prima Ear Posting Kit


Prima Ear Posting Kit

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Complete ear posting kit for cropped breeds (Dobermans, Boxers, Great Danes, etc) provides all the materials, instructions, and personal coaching from start to finish to achieve beautiful standing ears as simply and comfortably as possible. The materials in the kit correspond with our easy to follow video and typed guide that come with the kit.

The reason I made this kit is because I got completely worn out trying to tell everybody where/what to get, making sure they had it on time, seeing other puppies ears be posted all crazy with tape all over their head and awkward braces, crooked wonky ears, all totally unnecessary.

This is the easiest way for me to help owners post ears successfully. This kit makes it simple for all of us and compensates me for my time providing individual feedback and pointers (which everybody will need throughout this process).

We have achieved 100% success with every puppy for beautiful standing ears that uses our kit as directed containing the materials, instructions, and personal coaching.

Prima Ear Posting Kit:

  • thick ties

  • medical grade tape

  • spray adhesive

  • scissors

  • cotton padding

  • ear cleaning cloth

  • adhesive remover solution

  • ear powder

  • Dremel 7300 tool (optional upgrade to the Dremel Micro)

  • emailed link to posting video, written instructions, extra tips and tricks

  • Unlimited Personal coaching via text, email, or phone call - this is up to you the purchaser to utilize

  • *Wire cutters/shop shears (NOT included, needs to be strong enough to cut the zip ties)

With this kit you will know how to post your pups ears, you can do it any time any day any place. You can teach anyone in your household to do it as well. You receive one package of everything you need and unlimited personal coaching for your questions and feedback.

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I would like to point out that if you try to get all the items from Amazon and "DIY" your checkout total will be $112-143 depending what is on sale and if you have Amazon Prime shipping perks.

The items will come in all different shipments and sometimes it is slightly different than what was advertised, rendering it useless which you will only discover after you try using it. (Doesn't stick, too bendy, stings, etc) Costing you valuable time needed to post puppy. And not to mention going out to buy more supplies.

If you attempt to drive around to different stores, you will spend hours walking every aisle wondering why Walmart does not just have square cotton pads instead of round ones (I promise, it makes a difference).

Thank you for making an effort to post your puppy's ears as best you can, seeking a reliable trainer to show you how, using the best materials available, and supporting our passion to achieving a beautiful ear crop and posting them to perfection.